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Bug#281724: problem with root on software raid

Eugeniy Meshcheryakov wrote:
> This bug also occurs during /boot on LVM on sw RAID1 installation. Output
> from lilo is:
> Fatal: map file must be on the boot RAID partition
> Exit code is 1.
> Resolved by adding raid-extra-boot=mbr-only to lilo.conf.
> Maybe this option should go into lilo.conf by default (lilo now used
> only for /boot-on-LVM-on-RAID1 and /boot-on-LVM installations, and this
> option will have no effect for second)?

Lilo is also used by experts who want lilo for any installation type.
I'm not familiar with the option though to know if it would cause
problems then. Couldn't we add it only for SW raid root installs?

Thanks for your other patches BTW.

see shy jo

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