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Re: What to do, when system doesn't boot after first stage of d-i


> More importantly what did went wrong to render the system unbootable?
> Also since you've lost nothing, its not much work to reinstall and not
> do whatever you did that resulted in the system being unbootable...

Yes, but that's another story. Sometimes it maybe helpful, to get the
installed system started someway, for example, when this machine is
the only one you have and the only way, to ask for help on the internet.
And without anyone helping you, a linux beginner wouldn't know what
went wrong.

In this case grub gives error 18 - the boot partition sectors aren't
directly adressable from the bios. So it's a problem of wrong
partitioning / old machine. And partitioning is the most problematic
step in linux installation for beginners, I guess.



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