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Bug#303904: invalid compressed format

Arve Fahlvik wrote:
> After pressing enter at the bootprompt the followin message is displayed.
> Uncompressing Linux
> invalid compressed format (err=1)
> -- System halted
> The system is a MSI K7T limeted edition, with Promise RAID controller 
> disabled, and with a Gforce2 mx card. Both hd and cdrom on ide0. No 
> other hw.

It's possible that you're experiencing a problem with the UPX
compression we use on the kernel. Also possible you have a bad CD (one
at least the drive in this machine does not like) though.

Please try burning the image again, perhaps using a different or better
media, if that doesn't help I can try to produce a non-UPXed image for

see shy jo

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