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Bug#302376: installation-reports

On Thursday 31 March 2005 16:39, Jose Lello wrote:
> Arrived to Install base system, I get: "The installer cannot figure out
> out to install Debian. No installable CD-ROM was found and no valid
> mirror was configured"

This is almost certainly an indication of read errors from your CD-ROM. 
This can be either a problem with the CD, the CD-ROM drive or a driver 

There are several things you can try:
- check the integrity of the CD-ROM (use <go back> to go to the main
  menu of the installation system and use the option there)
- change the use of DMA for the CD-ROM drive in 
  /proc/ide/ideX/hdY/settings (replacing X and Y with the proper values
  for your CD drive)


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