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Re: What for termwrap resets console encoding on exit?

> Quoting Nikita V. Youshchenko (yoush@cs.msu.su):
> > Last message to the bug is more than half-year old.
> > Bug is still there.
> > *sigh*
> Essentially because base-config is considered frozen for a while and
> Joey prefers not changing its behaviour drastically while we have
> sarge release in mind. Remember that sarge release is targeted, from
> the installer point of view, since RC1, ie late July 2004.
> Joey's "conservatism" has been one of the biggest guarantees for the
> good stabilization of d-i, so I will be the last blaming him for
> delaying changes even when I think they're needed.

Why not fix this in sid version of base-config at least?
AFAIK sarge version is forked out months ago ...

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