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Bug#303135: ata_piix installation/device detection problems on Dell server

Frans Pop schrieb:
Hello Sven,

On Monday 04 April 2005 20:35, you wrote:

I just experienced a problem with a Dell server which is using combined
mode to provide a PATA port for its CD-ROM and an SATA port for its HD.

We have seen several reports with this issue, but as no one on the d-i team has access to this hardware it has been kind of elusive. There are just to many variables in SATA support (different drivers, BIOS settings, kernel config, ...).

Your summary is the best I've seen so far. Thanks for the work you have done on this.

No problem.

You are correct however that we won't be able to do much about this for the first release of Sarge: kernel config is frozen and also everything in the installer's initrds. However, IMO this issue could be something that we could try to fix in a point release.


If you receive any relevant info from the kernel mailing list, could you please add that (or links) to the bug report you filed?

Of course.

Actually, I just installed a (patched for TPROXY support) kernel version 2.6.10 on the machine where I #define'd ATA_ENABLE_ATAPI in include/linux/libata.h as proposed in the IRC log you sent to the bug (and at the same time, I #undef'ed ATA_ENABLE_PATA again). For me, this seems to have resolved the CDROM access problem. ata_piix is now using the PATA part and the CDROM is detected as a SCSI (well, libata) CDROM as one would expect.

For the installer, I propose using the module loading order workaround. Don't know if that could go into sarge (I doubt it), but it certainly should be documented in the installer-docs.


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