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re: net ok at stage 1, absent after reboot

The message below was in error. I apologize.

tty1 does in fact recognize the net connection after
I make it manually. I had tried about five times
before I made the report so I am not sure why it did
finally work.

When no connection was found the installer did offer
ppp as an option; perhaps it should offer dhcp as well.
This is something that would surely frustrate a

Charles Kaufman

           Previous report:
I am not sure if this is the right way to make this
report-if not I apologize.

I installed sarge from release candidate 3 floppies
on my thinkpad 770x. It detected and used my pccard
(wired) ethernet adapter. Then when I rebooted to
continue the installation it reported 'does not seem
to be currently connected'. If I go to another virtual
terminal and simply run dhclient then the ethernet
connection is accomplished, as shown by ifconfig
and by successful pinging. When I return to the
installer on tty1 and back out to the beginning
and try to continue, it still reports that there
is no network connection.

I might have specified permanent connection when
asked during the initial install process but I do
not remember and have not been able to find a log.
That would account for the connection failure.

Is there a way to continue the installation?

            End of previous report.

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