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Re: debian-installer and kernel status (pre- and post-sarge) on sparc


I have been looking into the Blade1500 clock chip problem on request
from Dave Miller. It seems that while we have a solution in the pipeline
for 2.4.27, that is getting kernel-image-sparc 2.4.27-9 into testing and
d-i once gluck comes back, the same cannot be said for 2.6.8.

I had a quick look and the patch in question[1] was included
in kernel-source 2.6.8-14 (the current version in testing is -15).
However the version of kernel-image-sparc in testing is 2.6.8-8
which was built against kernel-source kernel-tree-2.6.8-11.
Furthermore I have confirmed by looking for m5823 in the
images that the string "m5823" is not present, where as it is
present in kernel-image-sparc 2.6.8-15 which is in testing and
based on kernel-source 2.6.8-15.

kernel-image-sparc 2.6.8-15 is currently blocked from entering testing.

The current d-i kernel image is linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6 0.05.
I am not sure which version of kernel-source this is based on,
as a quick glance of the .dsc seems to indicate that the
source dependancy is not versioned. However it too seems
to be missing "m5823" and thus seems to not have the patch.

[1] http://linux.bkbits.net:8080/linux-2.6/cset@4226382fvtf7cPxXdDbbrbDdwF56YQ

>From the previous messaage I understand that there is some likely
hood of 2.6.8 being updated for sparc because of #288180.
It seems like that would be a good chance to get this patch in.


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