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Re: ata_piix installation/device detection problems on Dell server

Quoting Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl):

> We have seen several reports with this issue, but as no one on the d-i 
> team has access to this hardware it has been kind of elusive.

I have partial access to Dell hardware (ie we have several Dell
servers at work). Petter Reinholdtsen also seems to have some access
to Dell servers and so does Fabrice Lorrain who reported here from
time to time about fail/pass installs.

I also have in mind to get in closer touch with Dell by using the
contacts I have because my organisation is a large Dell user (in fact,
the contracts are under renewal and, this not being a secret, Dell is
currently facing another well-known hardware manufacturer which is
already a big supporter of the Debian project....I guess everyone will
figure out..:-)))

If Dell wins our contract, I will certainly make my best, using the
good relations we will have, to try getting in touch with their Linux
staff, first from the French office, then maybe higher, to see whether
there is some interest from them to work closer from the Debian

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