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Bug#303135: debian-installer: ata_piix blocking but not supporting PATA devices. D-I thus fails to install.

severity 303135 important

On Tuesday 05 April 2005 01:11, Sven Mueller wrote:
> the ata_piix kernel module blocks the PATA part of the chipset
> but doesn't support the PATA devices.

Some additional info on this issue. There is a lot of info in the Ubuntu
bug report referenced in this discussion on #d-boot.

<Kamion> SATA blocking IDE-CD?
<Kamion> is that the same as https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1440 ?
<Kamion> sadly the Ubuntu fix is rather dependent on using hotplug in the installer
<fjp> Kamion: Yes, looks like same issue.
<Kamion> that bug was, er, a fucking nightmare
<Kamion> and that's putting it politely
<fjp> I've seen at lease 10 reports on that issue. We've been kind of ignoring it thus far.
<Kamion> the fix was basically to make sure the SCSI bus is scanned after PCI and USB
<fjp> Kamion: #303135 has a nice summary.
<Kamion> but I don't know if it depended on kernel fixes as well
<Kamion> right, same thing by the looks of it
<Kamion> oh, we turned on LIBATA_ENABLE_ATAPI in the kernel as well
<Kamion> that was required
<Kamion> but whether that works in 2.6.8 ... who knows
<Kamion> I suspect it may not :(
<fjp> Yes, that is what the submitter of that mail mentioned.
<fjp> Guess it's mainly SATA driver immaturity, will solve itself given time.
   If only there were less systems using it :-P
<Kamion> the submitter mentioned LIBATA_ENABLE_PATA, which is different;
   and defining that breaks stuff
<fjp> Ah.
<Kamion> because on some chipsets both piix and ata_piix get the same PCI id in the hotplug pcimap
<Kamion> and they both try to claim the disk, which goes totally haywire:
   you get silent data corruption reading from CD-ROM
<Kamion> LIBATA_ENABLE_ATAPI seemed sufficient
<Kamion> if the ide_generic workaround works, that would probably be a lot easier for Debian;
   it would "only" be some hairy hw-detect code
<fjp> Kamion: Works for installation, but will probably still cause problems after
   reboot because the SATA driver will be loaded by the initrd before the generic driver.
<Kamion> right

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