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Nasty keyboard mapping handling bug in Debian Installer RC3

Dear Debian i18n/l10n contributors,

Today, it was finally confirmed that bug #301259 affects all 2.6
installs with the French keyboard mapping. See the bug log for the
whole story.

Indeed, it is quite likely that this bug affects other languages (more
precisely other kayboard mappings) as well.

Fixing it would need another Debian Installer release which, with
normal QA testing, would need several weeks and thus delay the release
of sarge as well.

So, given that this bug shows up only on 2.6 installs, that is NOT the
default installs for many architectures, it is quite likely to be left
as is. The decision hoewer pertains to the D-I team and the release team.

We however need to document this in the D-I errata file, so this needs
testing : everyone who can should try running a 2.6 D-I install (any
type) and choose their favourite keyboard mapping.

Then, please report whether this keyboard mapping is affected or
not. The bug is likely to show up for any non UTF-8 locale.

If a keyboard mapping available in D-I is affected by this bug, PLEASE
REPORT THIS to 301259@bugs.debian.org.


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