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Re: Bug#279090: network-console: Should display dialog if installation of n-c-config failed

Quoting Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl):

> I would say all string changes from now on are post Sarge, unless 
> explicitly announced otherwise.
> I also think it is not strictly necessary to announce every individual 
> string change to translators, but let them catch up in their own time.
> Maybe a general announcement that post-Sarge development has started and 
> to check the translation stats page every once in a while would be good.

Hmm, well, a change like the one you add for network-console is
however probably a good candidate to go in sarge, in case it may be
possible. So, getting the translations synced ASAP is still likely. Of
course I may be wrong and the network-console change has no chance to
go in sarge (if this needs an initrd rebuild for instance) but it
doesn't hurt too much.

Frankly speaking, I also want to keep translators keep focusing on d-i
development even in slow development moments just like the weeks we
currently have ?

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