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Re: debian-installer sarge does not select appropriate AthlonXP (kt7) kernel

Hi Frans,

Thank you for your email.

The businesscard contains all code needed for the installer itself on CD and downloads the debs needed for the base system from the network, so it has the full range of kernels available.

The netinst also contains all the debs needed to setup the base system, but with a very limited kernel selection (i.e. only the i386 variant). The netinst does not use the network connection until _after_ the reboot (as I have already explained to you in an earlier reply).

Ah, ok, I understand now.  I could not find a mention of these details
on the debian.org site.  Perhaps I missed it..?  Or if not perhaps the
information could be added somewhere..?

Perhaps the bussiness-card install CD could be renamed something like
"complete internet install CD" ? then the net-install CD could be
renamed "partial internet install CD", with a note about the partial
internet install CD limiting the user to an i386 kernel...?

Kind regards

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