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Re: D-I 20050331 installed ~400M?

Rainer Bendig aka Ny wrote:
> D-I installed 0,4 GB on my box!! That's a lot to much for my routers i
> want to setup the next days. (only 250M HDD).

You probably let it install all packages of standard priority; the
standard Debian system is aout that size. This is not a bug in the
debian installer, it's arguably either a bug in the standard debian
system for being excessivly large, or with debian policy for requiring
that the standard system be installed by default.

If you don't want all that, then don't choose to install it: In the task
selector do not install any tasks. If you do not select manual package
selection either, it will install no additional software beyond the base
system that is installed by debootstrap (with a few exceptions). If you
_do_ select manual package selection, aptitude will probably default to
adding all standard priority software, but you can tell it not to.

FWIW, the feature that lets you skip installing the standard system was
added after the release of rc3 of the installer. With the exception of
woody, which had a bug, every debian release, and every d-i release has
always installed the standard system by default.

see shy jo

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