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Bug#296735: installation-reports: [sparc] unusable menus in d-i on Sun Blade 1500

Frans Pop schrieb:
On Thursday 31 March 2005 17:29, Matthias Merz wrote:
So today at last I tried that again and can reply. I tried the 2.6
images, but there seems to be another problem with the framebuffer.
For Sparc use of framebuffer has been disabled by default because of issues on some systems. Have you tried booting with "debian-installer/framebuffer=true" as extra boot parameter?

I didn't try that with the 2.6 image; can't remember whether I tried it with 2.4 (but I did play around with some boot-options then). But the 2.6 image did seem to have framebuffer enabled by default, obviously Blade1500 is one of that sytems which have "issues"?

I was not really specific in my last email, sorry. The 2.6 kernel I tried boots and loads radeonfb. The last message I can read then says (don't remember the exaxt wording) "switching to PROM mode 80x34". Then the screen switches from black-on-white-sun-comsole to completely black and the CRT seems to have "problems" with the signal.

So installation with 2.4 is possible with Juri Smakov's special kernel-image which recognizes the ALI-IDE if I use the installer in "blind flight". Installation using the 2.6 image is possible usig serial console.

Thanks for your effort,
Matthias Merz

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