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Bug#301504: Debian Installer RC 3 on PARISC

I already tried this but still got the 'Kernel panic' message. But, it HAS 
something to do with it. I doubled the initial ram-disk size set in palo 
(something like lilo on i386) and I no longer got the message about 
'incomplete write'. I just got 'Kernel panic. No init found.' Probably some 
other messages just scrolled by and I did not have the time to read them; 
scrolling happens in just the top line, so you immediately loose the previous 
Therefore I connected an HP Terminal (700/96; brings back memories :) and 
changed the console to the serial port.
Now the machine booted just fine. So it took me TWO things to change:
-doubling the ramdisk_size to 32768
-changing from framebuffer to serial console

Probably de-activating the framebuffer could also help, but I tried the 
parameter debian_installer/framebuffer=false, and this still brought up the 
framebuffer console.

Installation has just started, I'll keep you informed.


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