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Bug#301735: inst. report: RC3 businesscard (kernel 2.6) on sparc64: kb failure

On Monday 28 March 2005 01:59, Herbert Kaminski wrote:
> while the first stage went very smooth, after reboot the
> keyboard mapping was so wrong that I was unable to continue.
> I have a SUN 5c keyboard, german layout.

That can easily be explained from the fact that you switched kernels in 
the install.
The installation CD uses the 2.4.27 kernel so you configured the installer 
(and the target system) to use a Sun keymap.
For the target system, you selected a 2.6 kernel. Because of changes in 
the input layer, 2.6 kernels no longer use arch specific keymaps, but 
always use general PC keymaps.

It is possible to correct this problem by logging in over SSH and running 
'dpkg-reconfigure console-data'.
Alternatively, don't switch kernels during the installation (but you will 
run into the same problem if you upgrade from 2.4 to 2.6 kernel later).
Alternatively, use the netboot installation method with a 2.6 kernel which 
will let you select the correct keymap right from the start.

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