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Re: Long pause when exim daemon is being stopped (was: Re: exim4 prone to break d-i, bug #297607)

(also including joeyh as it looks like the cause may be in base-config)

On Sunday 27 March 2005 07:23, you wrote:
> An ipv6 issue, maybe?
Doubt it. See below.

> How does your system behave when you search for an AAAA Record for your
> hostname?
Not tried.

> Does /etc/hostname have an FQDN or only a name?
Only the system name.

> What does exim do when you set "dns_ipv4_lookup = *" in the main
> configuration setup?
> What does exim do when you set "primary_hostname = your_hostname" in the
> main configuration setup?  
What main config setup do you mean? /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template?
Do you mean "primary_hostname = your_hostname" literally or
"primary_hostname = gimli.fjphome.nl"?

> I see. Is this reproducible in a system state where stracing both
> start-stop-daemon and the actual daemon is possible? Does the delay
> also happen when you manually determine the PID and sent it a SIGTERM
> directly?

I've managed to strace the start-stop-daemon. Output attached.

I've also got a better handle on the problem. It definitely has to do with 
base-config and can be reproduced as follows:
- 'su' to root
- run 'base-config new'
  - select menu option to configure MTA: no questions are asked, but exim
    is restarted
  - finish base-config
- run '/etc/init.d/exim4 stop

I've seen that 'base-config new' executes
   dpkg-reconfigure --unseen-only --default-priority exim4-config
Executing that from the command prompt and then stopping exim4 does not 
reproduce the problem.
So it must be something that happens during initialization or finishing 
base-config, or because dpkg-reconfigure is run from within base-config.

Hope this gives you enough clues. Please ask if you need more info.


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