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Bug#301496: Agree with Andrew on chinese-* task

Carlos Z.F. Liu wrote:
> Hi Joey,
> I'm agree with Andrew Lee in here. And if possible, language-env and
> cpanel should be removed from chinese-s and chinese-s-desktop tasks
> as well.
> Scim-chewing is a must-have application for most Traditional Chinese
> users, especially when more and more people are converting to UTF-8
> local. Since scim-chewing need another 10 or more days to hit sarge
> even everything goes well, I'm afraid that we haven't enough time to
> push a new tasksel version before freeze. So, could you make a new
> tasksel version which include scim-chewing in chinese-t-desktop task
> a bit earlier? A new libchewing and scim-chewing will upload to sid
> tomorrow, and we will try our best to make them in a good shape.

debian-cd would have to be updated too. This all seems disturbingly
last-minute to me.

see shy jo

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