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upgrading kernel udebs in unstable to 2.6.11 etc?

I hesitate to bring this up since we're still working out kernel upgrade
issues for stale security updates in the other thread, but I'm seeing
users who need a newer kernel such as 2.6.11 to install with.

Since rc3 is out, it's occurred to me that we could change our
linux-kernel-di-* packages in unstable to use bleeding edge kernels
again and change the daily builds to build using those. When/if we need
to change the kernel udebs in sarge, we can upload them to
testing-proposed-updates; the lack of autobuilders will not be a problem
in this case.

Possible problems I can see:

 - It might be hard to test a set of kernel udebs in t-p-u before
   accepting them to testing, since d-i does not know how to use t-p-u.
   This should only be a problem if some large change is put into t-p-u.
 - Until base-installer (or rootskel) is also updated in unstable, it will
   still install 2.6.8/2.4.27 kernels by default, so users might be able
   to install but not boot. This could be worked around in expert mode

see shy jo

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