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Re: Wishlist -- was Re: Partman + multiple disks and/or NFS?

On Friday 25 March 2005 19:42, Michael S. Peek wrote:
> Is there a place where the debian-boot team lists TODO's and WISHLIST
> items?

Of course.
We use the Debian BTS: e.g. wishlist bugs for general stuff against 
package debian-installer; for stuff to do with a particular component a 
bug against that udeb (like netcfg, partman, choose-mirror, etc.).
There is also several TODO lists in our SVN repository e.g. [1], [2].
For info on how to check out the SVN repo, see [3].
See also the project page [4].


> I have a few wishes I would love to see.  Maybe once I'm finished
> converting our research group from Sun/Solaris to PC/Debian I can
> contribute a patch or two to try and help out...

Help is always very welcome :-)


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