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Bug#301367: install: kernel not copied if target disk isn't /dev/hd[a-c]

reassign 301367 makedev

> So I have my primary disk (where the OS must be installed) on /dev/hdi, a
> couple of CD-ROMs on /dev/hdk and /dev/hdl and two disks for RAID on
> /dev/hda and /dev/hdc.
> I then partition adequately /dev/hdi and (with the d-i sw RAID installer
> interface) set hda & hdc as RAID disks.
> Then begins the installation of the base system: all is ok until the
> end, where pops up a message like 'cannot install kernel-bla-bla:
> /dev/hdi1 is not a block device'...

This seems to be a makedev package bug, similar to what was reported in
#300913. I haven't carefully checked this, though...just noticed that
MAKEDEV seems to stop at hdh

So, Bdale, this probably needs the same decision on your side : either
have MAKEDEV create these devices.....or reassign the bug to d-i so
that we add a hack as Joey suggested in #300913.

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