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Re: ABI-changing kernel security fixes for sarge

Sven Luther wrote:
> > We'd need at least a list of module packages that we need to
> > recompile when a kernel update changes the ABI and all the
> > modules become void.
> > 
> > This also means that we need to be able to rebuild modules from
> > their corresponding source package.
> Notice that enabling auto-NEW for such abi-changes will speed up this process
> considerably, but i was told a whinner for even suggesting such, and bashed
> upon unendlessly.

What is auto-NEW?

> Alos, please find someone else for building the powerpc 2.6.8 and 2.4.27
> security updates as i will most certainly not do that anymore.

I'd assume that another powerpc kernel developer/maintainer is part of
the kernel team then.  Otherwise it will be difficult to support
powerpc kernels security-wise.



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