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- is there any way to manually eject the floppy

the only way a sparcstation5 can eject is by executing a command
it hasn't got a button on the exterior.
I tryed it throug boor prom this is done by doing:

pressing L1-A (Stop + A) to enter the boot prom
then typing eject so the floppy is ejected
then replacing the floppy
then typing go to return to linux

but the I a error loop that the buffer I/O of fd0 is broken or something...
this has nothing to do with the installer.

- if there is, does pressing <enter> after inserting the root floppy do
 anything or is it the same as for 2.4

when pressing <enter> without changing diskette I get the same as with 2.4

but I noticed that by pressing <enter> sereral times does something...
this was without replacing the floppy

I will test this on 2.4 also, maby I will be able to get some more booting done,
I will report my findings in the other bug thread..

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