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Bug#301088: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#301088: Package: installation-reports)

reopen 301088
retitle 301086 [sparc32] [floppy, 2.4.27] Root floppy not read
retitle 301088 [sparc32] [floppy, 2.6.8] Boot floppy not ejected

On Wednesday 23 March 2005 21:23, Robin Harmsen wrote:
> Actualy I don't aggree of this being a duplicate as only a part of the
> problem is the same

Ah. Sorry.
I missed the fact that the first report was about a 2.4 install and the 
second about a 2.6 kernel install (it was buried a bit ;-). Retitling the 
reports to make that clear. Thanks for correcting me.

Questions for the 2.6 case:
- is there any way to manually eject the floppy
- if there is, does pressing <enter> after inserting the root floppy do
  anything or is it the same as for 2.4

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