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Re: ABI-changing kernel security fixes for sarge

Steve Langasek wrote, among other stuff:

>As I touched on briefly on IRC, there is an upcoming kernel security
>fix that requires a bit of discussion.  It appears that one of the
>security fixes that was included in kernel-source-2.6.8 2.6.8-14 (and
>backed out, at least temporarily, in 2.6.8-15), changes the kernel
>module ABI for a very small portion of the network stack.
>RC3 of Debian Installer is already being finalized, with only the CD
>builds to finish up today and tomorrow; the ABI change is being held of
>testing in the meantime.  This leaves the following possible options:
>- Add the security fix in before sarge's release, with a change to the
>package names to reflect the ABI change.  This will probably require at
>least a month to get all kernel images rebuilt and integrated into a
>debian-installer RC4 build, during which time the sarge release would
>be delayed.

Important question: is sarge *really* being released in the next 1 or 2
months?  If not, there is no good reason not to do this. All the other
stuff that is going on in sarge can be done in parallel with this, and
d-i won't be the bottleneck.


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