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r3 status and cd builds

First of all, the sarge_d-i netinst and businesscard cd builds of today
(20050322) are the ones that will be used for rc3. So we only lack full
CD builds now.

Gluck has been very overloaded and the full CD generation scripts have
helped tip this load over to unusable (100+ load at times), so the CD
team has begun moving CD building to a different machine (contributed by
jvw). This is expected to build the full CD/DVD sets in under 1 day
total. They've set it up quickly today and CD builds are already in
progress, assuming these are good we'll use them for rc3. I think that
the plan is to move the daily netinst/businesscard cd building to bla
(jvw's machine) too eventually.

Anyway, I see no problems with releasing rc3 this Wednesday, though we
may have to mark the full CD build as "pending" for a day or two until
the CD team works out any remaining problems with the new machine and
finishes it and we get it tested.

see shy jo

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