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Re: Disk usage on gluck for d-i

Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
> Just FYI,
> jeroen@gluck:/home$ du -shc */public_html/d-i
> 0       barbier/public_html/d-i
> 213M    bdale/public_html/d-i
> 496k    bubulle/public_html/d-i
> 602M    cjwatson/public_html/d-i
> 109M    dannf/public_html/d-i
> 38G     jbailey/public_html/d-i
> 11G     joeyh/public_html/d-i
> 4.4G    joshk/public_html/d-i
> 753M    kmuto/public_html/d-i
> 62G     luther/public_html/d-i
> 168k    markos/public_html/d-i
> 8.4M    seppy/public_html/d-i
> 962M    sjogren/public_html/d-i
> 6.0G    smarenka/public_html/d-i
> 204M    stappers/public_html/d-i
> 3.5G    tbm/public_html/d-i
> 5.3G    tfheen/public_html/d-i
> 781M    ths/public_html/d-i
> 26M     tsauter/public_html/d-i
> 3.2G    vince/public_html/d-i
> 2.9G    vorlon/public_html/d-i
> 139G    total
> jeroen@gluck:/home$
> (I'm not subscribed)

I'd suggest that everyone who'd run a daily build delete any builds
older than a few months periodically. That's what I do. If someone
writes a script to automate this that I can put in cron and forget about
it, that would be sweet..

see shy jo

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