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Re: Hang after installation of desktop task

retitle 300166 [powerpc] no console after initial install, maybe udev related.
tags 300166 + d-i
clone 300166 -1
reassign -1 udev
On Fri, Mar 18, 2005 at 08:50:11AM +0200, Jonathan Quick wrote:
> Hi Sven
>   I believe the problem is the installation of udev by the "desktop
> environment", in particular I think it is a dependency of gnome.  I saw
> a reference to this previously on some list but I can't remember where. 
> The same issue surfaces on i386 when you select
> "desktop environment" in the initial tasksel run and a reboot fixed it
> as you describe.
> Definitely RC as it will hit almost all newbies - exactly where to
> assign I'm not sure.

it is a debian-installer issue then, and the solution would be to install udev
pre-reboot, as part of the base-system.

Actually ubuntu's way of doing the main install pre-reboot is rather nice and
solves this problem.


Sven Luther

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