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Problems in d-i derived CD images

Hi to all,

As some of you may already have known, some languages need extra
packages which get retrieved during the languagechooser stage.  For
example: Turkish needs 'console-terminus', RTL languages (Arabic, etc.)
need 'jfbterm', 'unifont' and 'libfribidi0', and Cyrillic languages need
'console-cyrillic'.  However I've noticed that some d-i derived CD
images do not include those packages (at least, this is the case for
Turkish), hence CD-based installations (without a network connection)
are badly affected for those languages.

Concerning the console-terminus package of Turkish, I saw this problem
in Ubuntu CDs (fixed in newer versions, thanks to Colin Watson) and in
amd64 CD images (hence CCed to debian-amd64 m-l).  I couldn't check
SkoleLinux, but I think it may have the some problem.  What I would like
to know is that, could we find a better method to make sure that those
packages are always included in CD images without the need of contacting
the relevant persons?



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