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rc3 home stretch

Thanks to everyone who's done such a good job of testing the pre-rc3
images, the checklist is almost full of "pass" lines, with only a few
holes, and no unexpected failures. rc3 looks to be the best tested
release we've done yet.

Due to some more changes to the manual and to turn on a few more
languages and PDF builds, I've uploaded yet another release of the
debian-installer package. However I don't know if this will finish
building by the release date or not, since some autobuilders are down.
If it doesn't no worries; there are no bug fixes waiting on it. So we
seem very much on schedule for the release on March 23rd. That will be 3
months since the rc2 release.

I've drafted a release announcement (in sarge branch of svn). Also, I've
put together this page listing d-i contributors, since we removed that
info from the manual. Anyone with svn access is on there; anyone else
who's contributed to d-i in the past may still need to be added. You can
also add some details about what you do in d-i if you like.

see shy jo

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