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jfbterm 0.4.7-2 to enter testing : 2.6 l10n tests will begin tomorrow

jfbterm is planned to enter testing today. This version should fix the
hang in d-i 2nd stage for languages which use jfbterm.

Hence, I'll be able to start running automated l10n tests from
tomorrow for all languages which have failed them (or which I didn't
test because I thought they would fail).

I thus expect to have the most important l10n tests completed tomorrow
evening (about 18:00 UTC 3/17/05).

Starting on Friday, I'll run automated 2.6 installs with the desktop
task (2.4 installs have already been completed...the last one is
running ATM) and I expect them to be finished either Friday evening or
Saturday (3/19) during the day. 

This is a bit out of the timeline for the tests but, well, the most
important stuff will have been done.


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