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Re: Several packages should be changed from Standard to Optional for Sarge


To library maintainers: Please do not upload your packages just to bring
the override disparities back in sync, thank you.

If you have questions/comments/whatever, please followup to this bug,
#272586. Changes will take effect next dinstall run.

On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 08:52:45PM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 11:45:32PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> > There are several libraries that are currently priority standard although 
> > they have been obsoleted by newer versions.
> > Having these priority standard means that they will be installed on any 
> > system newly installed using Debian Installer, but will probably never be 
> > used.
> > I propose that the priority for these packages be changed to optional 
> > _before_ the Sarge release.
> > AFAICT, for i386 this is true for the following libraries:
> > - libdb2, libdb4.0
> >   (libdb3 and 4.2 are heavily used; libdb4.1 is only used by vacation)

changed override: db2 libs oldlibs
changed override: db2-doc doc oldlibs
changed override: db2-doc optional extra
changed override: libdb2 important extra
changed override: libdb2 libs oldlibs
changed override: libdb2-dbg libdevel oldlibs
changed override: libdb2-dev libdevel oldlibs
changed override: libdb2-util devel oldlibs
changed override: libdb2-util optional extra

> > - libgnutils7, libgnutils10
> Package names are libgnutls7, libgnutls10.

changed override: gnutls7 libs oldlibs
changed override: libgnutls7 important extra
changed override: libgnutls7 libs oldlibs
changed override: libgnutls7-dev libdevel oldlibs
changed override: libgnutls7-dev optional extra

changed override: gnutls10 libs oldlibs
changed override: libgnutls10 libs oldlibs
changed override: libgnutls10 optional extra
changed override: libgnutls10-dev libdevel oldlibs
changed override: libgnutls10-dev optional extra

> libgnutls10 is used by exim4, which is part of base.

Not anymore
> > - libcrypt7, libcrypt1
> Package names are libgcrypt7, libgcrypt1.
> libgcrypt7 is used by libgnutls10, so must also remain part of base.

Same as above, not anymore.

changed override: libgcrypt libs oldlibs
changed override: libgcrypt-dev libdevel oldlibs
changed override: libgcrypt-dev optional extra
changed override: libgcrypt-doc doc oldlibs
changed override: libgcrypt-doc optional extra
changed override: libgcrypt1 important extra
changed override: libgcrypt1 libs oldlibs

changed override: libgcrypt7 libs oldlibs
changed override: libgcrypt7 optional extra
changed override: libgcrypt7-dev libdevel oldlibs
changed override: libgcrypt7-dev optional extra
changed override: libgcrypt7-doc doc oldlibs
changed override: libgcrypt7-doc optional extra
> > - libopencdk4
> This one should be traded for libopencdk8, which is part of base.

changed override: opencdk libs oldlibs
changed override: libopencdk-dev libdevel oldlibs
changed override: libopencdk-dev optional extra
changed override: libopencdk4 important extra
changed override: libopencdk4 libs oldlibs
> > The same is true for ipchains, which has been obsoleted by iptables for both 
> > the current 2.4 and the 2.6 kernels.
> This is debatable; there are still plenty of users and tools that prefer
> the ipchains interface.

Didn't touch.
> > Also, it could be argued that vacation should be made optional as 
> > bsdmainutils only suggests it. In that case libdb4.1 could also be changed 
> > to optional.
> vacation isn't in standard because it's a dependency, it's in standard
> because of the definition of standard.

Already mail/extra


Jeroen van Wolffelaar

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