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Bug#249041: partman in d-i RC2 breaks Red-Hat FC2 by setting root FS label.

On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 08:26:46PM +0100, Eric Lavarde wrote:
> I don't know if my opinion counts but I _did_ notice that d-i creates
> labels, and at the same time broke my parallel Red-Hat FC2 installation,
> which all of soudain tried to use my debian root partition (LABEL=/) as
> its own root partition, without luck of course, and with a lot of really
> strange error messages.

This means that it is better for Debian installer to give the partitions
some other names rather their mount places.  This way Red Hat wan't be
confused.  Also it seams more safe to use file system IDs in /etc/fstab
instead of labels or device names.

Anton Zinoviev

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