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Bug#247993: SparcClassic *still* has CD mounting/detection problems

tags 247993 -moreinfo


I finally found the right cable to try again, and I had similar, if
somewhat different problems.

I downloaded
bearing timestamp 2005-03-14 00:28. As far as I understand, it gives
me the 20050313 version.

I did a completely fresh install. Everything went well until after
partitioning/formatting, the "install base system" stage. I had
successfully (manually, not DHCP) configured the network and the
system has successfully gotten the hostname and domain from a reverse
DNS on the IP. The install system is operating in "low memory mode".

At the "install base system" stage, the system said "Cannot figure out
how to install Debian: No install CD found and no mirror
configured". Well, it didn't give me any opportunity to choose a
mirror, and I don't see one in the menu I get dumped to. Re-running
the "detect CD" stage unstuck the thing; it then recognised the CD as
containing a base and the "install base system" stage is currently
on its way.

(Now that I have found back the right cables, I'll be much more
 responsive to try out new d-i snapshots if useful.)


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