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Bug#298952: network-console: does not seem to allow preseeding of password

Paul Telford wrote:
> Package: network-console
> Severity: normal

Version: ?

> I was trying to preseed the password values for network-console so I
> could fire off my automated installation and then keep an eye on it
> remotely.  I added the following to the preseed file on my cdrom:
> d-i anna/choose_modules string network-console
> d-i debian-installer/network-console/password string r00tme
> d-i debian-installer/network-console/password-again string r00tme
> d-i debian-installer/network-console/start note
> Running the install with these lines generates a "password empty" error
> message and I am unable to proceed -- the only option is to continue,
> but that just brings me back to the same error message, probably due to
> the "critical" priority.  Is this the right syntax for preseeding this
> question or am I making some other obvious mistake?  

Well according to the changelog, this was fixed in version 0.0.11.

see shy jo

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