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Re: problem with pxe installer.

Hi again.
I'v resolved my problem thanks to the help of the guys on irc channel.
I downloaded the daily built netboot.tar.gz
Sorry for bugging u with useless mails, but don't spend time to answer the first one.


cyberfreak a écrit :

i'm trying to install debian on a subnotebook (no cd-rom nor floppy).
I installed all the necessary servers on my desktop and copyed the content of netboot.tar.gz in the tftpboot directory, evrything works fine until the installer tries to download kernel modules on the debian mirror...
It says it can't find the modules for my kernel.

I did that already about a month ago and it worked fine, no kernel modules pb...

what happend?
What shall i do to make the installer work?
i'm using the installer based on kernel 2.4 because the 2.6 doesn't work on my laptop.

oh, of course, i'v checked the network configuration, it's all good.

Thank you for your help.


PS: please forgive my poor english.

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