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Bug#298702: debian-installer: Base installation is too big - should be trimmed

Jari Aalto wrote:
Package: debian-installer
Severity: minor

The installer is VERY good, but there is one are that should not be
overlooked. The basic vanilla installation (without any [x] desktop
etc.  selected) downloads packages from remote site that are not used
by average user.

For example if installed through modem, the obvious question is why
does it try to update/download packages like g++, bison and various
other development tools that my dad/mom will never use.
< cut >

Hi Jari

This is definitely post sarge!

They are installed, because these are packages with "standard" priority.

As "tasksel" will be changed for "etch" anyway:
Perhaps we should only install "requiered" and "important"?
Then we could provide a task "standard packages" in tasksel?

Just my 2 Eurocent's

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