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Bug#298231: SPARC rc2 installer kernel modules not in archive

Package: installation-reports

Debian-installer-version: installer-sparc/20041118/images/sparc64/netboot/2.6/boot.img
uname -a: Linux debian 2.6.8-1-sparc64 #1 Sun Oct 17 20:12:41 EDT 2004 sparc64 unknown
Date: Sat Mar  5 16:12:13 EST 2005
Method: TFTP

Machine: Sun Netra X1
Processor: TI UltraSparc IIe
Memory: 128M
Root Device: IDE
Root Size/partition table: 
Output of lspci and lspci -n:

Base System Installation Checklist:
[O] = OK, [E] = Error (please elaborate below), [ ] = didn't try it

Initial boot worked:    [O]
Configure network HW:   [O]
Config network:         [O]
Detect CD:              [ ]
Load installer modules: [E]
Detect hard drives:     [E]
Partition hard drives:  [ ]
Create file systems:    [ ]
Mount partitions:       [ ]
Install base system:    [ ]
Install boot loader:    [ ]
Reboot:                 [ ]


The installer runs 2.6.8-1-sparc64 but the archive lists udeb files only for
2.6.8-2-sparc64. The installer cannot find its modules, so it cannot find
any disks.

Fortunately the package still exists in the archive, it's just not listed
in the debian-installer/binary-sparc/Packages file, so it can still be
manually loaded. The workaround is to answer "No, do not proceed without
kernel modules", start a shell, do

wget http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/pool/main/l/linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6/ide-modules-2.6.8-1-sparc64-di_0.02_sparc.udeb
udpkg -i ide-modules-2.6.8-1-sparc64-di_0.02_sparc.udeb

...and try it again. Answer "yes, proceed without kernel modules".


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