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Re: selecting udebs for rc3

> languagechooser 1.45
> 	I'm a bit unsure of why we're adding so many new languages to
> 	this list at this point. Have installs with all these languages
> 	been tested?

Very late (and certainly too late) answer : no. But, indeed, this does
not matter as the new languages are currently not activated (they are
commented in the languagelist file).

So, you can safely sync the sarge branch with 1.45 or not sync it,
this will indeed have no strong influence at all.

The only significant change is:

    - Remove Spanish as alternative for Galician as this gives a false
      impression of a bad mix of both languages

This is the only possible motivation for having 1.45 in RC3....but
anyway this is certainly too late now.

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