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Re: Problem with install

tom wrote:
I have a Amd XP 3000+ processor and burned the i386 arc and im wandering if i should of burned the power pc version, theres alot of image files which one should i use?

for some reason when it say install base system it restarts and does nothing..

Anybody, please help..

Hi Tom

1) This is the wrong mailing list! It is used for development of the installer.
You should try
or one ot its localised equivalents.

2) AMD XP processores are definitely i386 architecture (= K7 flavour to be
precise). I would suggest a sarge installation, despite it's "testing" status,
because of its better support for newer hardware.
If you can wait some days, RC3 will be out soon.

As the transition to RC3 is currently running, you can't use RC2 netboot

3) Perhaps you should read the debian-installation manual befor installing:


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