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Re: debian installation query

Il giorno mar, 01-03-2005 alle 11:28 +0800, Farm Jia Chee ha scritto:
> I am having problem during the debian installation process, when i enter the 
> boot screen, i press <enter> and it starts to load 'something', then it 
> becomes blank screen but the installation process is still running,it's just 
> that i cant see anything on my screen.
> i suspect that is my video card compatibility problem, i am using ATI 
> Mobility Radeon 9600,i have tried to set the boot parameter using 
> video=vga16:off, but is still the same...
> Do you have any idea how i can solve this problem?Thanks!

Try passing VGA=771 to the installer. Press F2 and look at help messages
displaied on F3-F4 screens.


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