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Bug#296735: installation-reports: [sparc] unusable menus in d-i on Sun Blade 1500


On Fri, Feb 25, 2005 at 01:48:12AM -0500, Jurij Smakov wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Feb 2005, Matthias Merz wrote:
> >Then the Language selection menu is displayed - there seems to be a
> >problem with the charset, might be similar to bug #282781 (UTF8). No
> >cursor or scrollbar are visible, [...]
> >
> >But at this point I had another problem: the machine doesn't seem to
> >respond to the keyboard anymore,

> 1. What happens if you add a debconf/framebuffer=false boot argument? Does 
> it affect the problem in any way?

That seemed to make no difference, but today I tried daily-20050302
image and the keyboard was usable again. So that problem seems to be
partly solved.

So I now can move the cursor and select items, but due to the display
problem I'm unable to tell which menu-item is active. I can of course
select blindly, but that's not really what it should be like ;-)

As I was able to dig out a VT220 terminal, I could try installing with
serial console (unable to find a nullmodem-cable, but a VT220 *g*) -
this worked until debian-installer complained about not being able to
find and mount the installation CD. But I should probably investigate
a bit more and file another bugreport for that.

So regarding this report, the biggest problem about the unusable
keyboard seems to be fixed, but selection of options is not really fun
due to the messed-up screen - display is fine in serial console

Matthias Merz

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