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Bug#296695: CD net-install won't work on Dell Inspiron 5000

> Well, it asks the question in two stages. The first question 
> grub-installer asks (in any mode) is "do you want to install GRUB in the 
> MBR of the first hard disk in your system". If you answer 'no', you will 
> be asked to provide the partition grub should use instead (either in 
> (hdx,x) or /dev/[hs]dn notation).

Well, maybe this is related to the problem.  From my previous installs
of debian, I was expecting the installer to ask me this and was very
surprised when it didn't this time.  I had assumed you guys had simply
taken that question out of the normal install to make it less confusing
to non-technical users.

> > > Just tried expert install; I see can you can choose GRUB or Lilo,
> > > except I never made it that far - for some reason, the expert
> > > install cannot start the PCMCIA card services, which is odd,
> > > because the automated install does so just fine.
> There is absolutely no reason for the installer to behave any differently 
> in an expert installation than in a default installation if accept the 
> default answers that are provided for questions not asked in a default 
> installation.

That's what I would have thought, but in this case, it is clearly
different.  I ran through it a couple of times in both modes to make
sure it wasn't a fluke.  The expert install fails on the PCMCIA card
services every time, whereas the normal install makes it all the way to
GRUB before it fails.

But, before we look at the PCMCIA issue, I was flipping through the
consoles, and on console 4, this was the last message it printed out
before hanging:

linux-boot-prober: debug: linux detected by

- martin

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