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Bug#296695: CD net-install won't work on Dell Inspiron 5000

also sprach Martin Stiaszny <stiaszny@MIT.EDU> [2005.02.24.2335 +0100]:
> Come again?  I was never even asked that question by the
> installer.  Do you mean the bootable flag for the partition?
> I tried with that both set and unset, and it hung in the same
> place.

Okay, sorry. I am myself totally unacquainted with normal mode, so
maybe someone else can take this on?

> Just tried expert install; I see can you can choose GRUB or Lilo,
> except I never made it that far - for some reason, the expert
> install cannot start the PCMCIA card services, which is odd,
> because the automated install does so just fine.

Can you provide more detail?

> So I tried this instead.  Except when I kill it, it simply
> restarts and proceeds to try to install GRUB all over again.

That's odd. I guess there is another process which starts grub.
I don't have a machine handy on which I can try the installation, so
I have to work from memory. I am also in a train right now, so
I hope someone else answers in the mean time.

> So who I be responding to?  296695-quiet@bugs.debian.org,
> 296695@bugs.debian.org, you, or all of the above?

Just 296695@bugs.debian.org is fine.

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