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Re: kernel abiname transition and security updates status

After 1.5 months of mails, I guess this will be the last such mail sent
to the kernel team. However, I understand that some new security hole
may need yet another kernel ABI change. If that's true, the sooner we
find out about that the better, though judging from experience, updating
to a -3 abi will be long and painful.

The following arches still need to have their kernels updated:

	Argh, the speakup kernels are not updated. Wish I'd thought of
	that earlier. :-(

	Still not updated.

	2.4 still not updated.

My plan continues to be to go ahead and release d-i rc3 without these
updates, unless someone wakes up and does them. Since none of the
remaining kernels have abinames, updated debs could even be slipped into
sarge after rc3 without a lot of fuss (aside from broken third party
modules and what have you).

On the d-i side, this is the current situation:

(Note that this table is currently being used to track the status of the d-i
sarge branch as well as trunk, and values represent both unless otherwise

                                              rootskel and
arch     udebs[0]            build/config[1]  base-installer   debian-cd
i386     2.4.27-2/2.6.8-2[2] 2.4.27-2/2.6.8-2 2.4.27-2/2.6.8-2 2.4.27-2/2.6.8-2
alpha    2.4.27-2            2.4.27-2         2.4.27-2         2.4.27-2
amd64    not tracking currently
arm[8]   2.4.27              2.4.27                            none [5]
hppa[3]  2.6.8-2             2.6.8-2          2.6.8-2          2.6.8-2
ia64     2.4.27-2/2.6.8-2    2.4.27-2/2.6.8-2 2.4.27-2/2.6.8-2 2.4.27-2/2.6.8-2
m68k     2.2.25/2.4.27       2.2.25/2.4.27                     2.2.25/2.4.27
mips     2.4.27              2.4.27                            2.4.27
mipsel   2.4.27              2.4.27                            2.4.27
powerpc  2.4.27/2.6.8        2.4.27/2.6.8     2.4.27/2.6.8     2.4.27/2.6.8
[9] apus 2.4.27              2.4.27           2.4.27           none [6]
s390     2.4.27-2            2.4.27-1 [4]     2.4.27-2         N/A
sparc    2.4.27-2/2.6.8-2    2.4.27-2/2.6.8-2                  2.4.27-1/2.6.8-2 [7]

[0] none of the updated udebs are in sarge yet, plan is to push them all in
    in preparation for rc3
[1] not yet updated to -2 kernels in sarge branch; plan is to sync all
    build/ changes to sarge in one go
[2] speakup kernel flavour not yet updated
[3] hppa 2.4 is dropped, still a few vestiges of it here and there, including
    some stuff in base-installer and the udebs
[4] Update needed, but daily builds down..
[5] I checked and the arm netinst CD really has no kernel deb on it at all!
[6] did not see any apus kernels on the powerpc netinst CD
[7] 2.4.27-1 kernels have not yet reached sarge
[8] arm kernels are not updated with security fixes
[9] powerpc 2.4 kernels are not updated with security fixes

So we're really quite close now to being able to release rc3 from the
kernel update standpoint at least.

see shy jo

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