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Bug#295476: add support for disabling auto-eject

Christian Perrier writes...

> (dunno if you're subscribed to -boot....If so, sorry for the double mail)

I'm not, thanks for the cc.

> > +Template: cdrom-detect/eject
> > +Type: boolean
> > +Default: true
> > +Description: Eject CD-ROM when finished.
> > +
> As this is a boolean template, the short description should use the
> interrogative form:
> Description: Eject CD-ROM when finished?

Ah ok thanks.

> We may also need a long description to give more explanations to users
> (indeed, this may be unneeded as the question is clear enough)

OK how about,

"At the end of the initial install process the system can attempt to eject any 
install media that was used as part of the install. This is normally done so 
the system will boot from the new install, rather than the install media. If 
you do not want the system to attempt to eject you can disable it and take 
responsibility for any potential boot device ordering issues."

> Of course, ATM you made this template not translatable and never
> displayed to users, so polishing the wording may seem
> unnecessary.

The non-translatable was recommended by fjp, I think so it could be added and 
not be blocked by the string freeze?

> However, the future may change this and we'd better
> prepare the template for that.

I agree.


Matt Taggart

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