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Bug#295479: change eject to be after the user is told

Package: cdrom-detect
Version: svn 20050215
Severity: normal
Tags: sid

While I was poking around cdrom-detect Colin mentioned that he'd had
some users that were surprised when the cdrom ejected (and their
vertically oriented drive spilled the cdrom on the floor where it
rolled across the room). He mentioned that maybe the eject should be
moved to happen after the user is warned about it rather than before.
He said this means "edit the Makefile and change from level 15 to level
21" and that this would probably have implications on the template
stuff and that since we're in string freeze, that this would need to be
a post-sarge thing. I added the "sid" tag hopefully that means what I
think it means.

Matt Taggart

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