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Babelbox documentation is available

(reply to -devel unless answering on a topic more appropriate to one
of the other lists)

Several people have heard of my "Babelbox" demo machine which was
featured for the first time at Solutions Linux expo in Paris.

This demo machine is a Debian Installer demo which runs over and over,
changing the installation language at each run. This is a quite nice
demo of the installer automation capabilities and a good eyecatcher
for a Debian booth.

At Solutions Linux, the demo ran 54 successive installs (being limited
by power outage during nights), but I already ran up to 300 successive
installs while testing it.

The demo installs a complete desktop system with the default "desktop"
task from tasksel (the one with Gnome AND KDE), then opens a Gnome
session which include a "welcome" sound in the current language. Most
of these sounds have been contributed by Debian-women contributors as
well as D-I translators.

Some people have requested me to make the demo material available so
that they can build their own Babelbox demo and possibly make it better.

So, I have put on http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/babelbox.tar.bz2
the whole material needed for Babelbox (including sounds...which make
the file quite big) as well as the needed documentation.

I hope you'll enjoy it and certainly will make it even better.

I'd like to publicly thank here my employer, the French Aeronautics
and Space Reseach Center, as well as François Mescam, my boss, for
allowing me so build and test this demo on our equipments as well as
invest some on my work time on automated Debian installs in the demo


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