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Re: Bug#294783: passwd: root-password-again and user-password-again should be "critical"

> In my opinion, ask again the password is required. 
>   Imagine a password like "a7s9fu29puo121", it is very dangerous
> introduce just one time! Really, it doesn't matter the "complexity" of
> the password, it could mean an extra effort to recover the well
> operation of the system.

You're missing the point of the critical priority in debconf, imho.

> debconf-devel(7)...
> INPUT priority question
>   critical
>        Items that will probably break the system without user intervention.
>                        ^^^^^^^^
> If the matter is "probability", it could be great discuss this.

Nope. The above is about the requested info missing which would be
likely to break the system.

Here, the password confirmation value missing will not break the
system, will not prevent the package to configure. The installation
will go on and the whole system will be usable.

Again and again and again (and probably for the very last time), we
are not talking about default installs here. The critical priority is
meant for quick installs with absolutely minimal prompting, ie only
questions chiwh are absolutely vital for the install to be completed
are asked.

All people who would like to change this are requested to bring the
input from the technical commitee about this issue.

At this very moment, I have heard from 3-4 people who would like to
change this behaviour. It seems to me that not changing it is the
opinion of several D-I contributors (from the IRC channel log). So,
this is very balanced.....

Anyway, this will not change for sarge. This is by far too late.

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